DGG international – service and quality for Europe
Meanwhile DGG's performance of service is highly appreciated by clients all over the continent. Like a tree, the DGG continually grows and bases are getting established in many countries. DGG now decided to appear under the name of DGG international. The network of qualified DGG associates in Europe will be further developed. DGG international will focus on competent consultation and the realization of projects - anywhere at any time.
Experience and knowledge – for the good of nature
We have moved well over one million trees all over Europe. You can depend on DGG international, we are the right people when it comes to transplanting big trees.
DGG arborists will work out a taylor-made solution for each tree problem.
Protect trees – for our future
Long-range planning – sustainable service
DGG arborists provide support for your project at all stages: We do the planning, carry out the actual transplanting job with highly specialized machines, install the tree at its new location and provide the follow-up care. We want to get involved.